This one time, at band camp (okay, orchestra camp), I got to watch a slightly crazy and wildly gesticulating individual convince a roomful of young musicians that their power and calling was more than just learning to play well. Rather, he persuaded us that we were part of a long arc of human expression that had depth, meaning, purpose, and power. This was over 30 years ago, when I was younger and thinner, and had less of a practical professional patina about me.

As a young musician, not aspiring to anything in particular, I bought the message. But since then, I had forgotten.

So I was particularly surprised and thrilled to see that slightly crazy and wildly gesticulating individual today, on-line, in an equally inspiring and aligning commentary at TED from February. The man was, and is, Benjamin Zander. And if you’re wondering how to engage a non-arts audience in the arts — not with gimmicks, but with honesty, respect, and contagious passion — watch this.

Andrew Taylor
The Artful Manager