Photo: Jean-Pierre Gonçalves de Lima

In 2005 Mr. Hockney — temporarily, he says — left Hollywood, where he had lived full time since 1978, to transform the manicured green and golden slopes, woods and farmland of the East Yorkshire landscape into spare, quickly worked compositions charged with pink, orange and violet. In the next two weeks 28 of these paintings will go on view in New York in a two-gallery exhibition at PaceWildenstein, both in Midtown and in Chelsea, through Dec. 24.

Although this will be Mr. Hockney’s first New York painting show since 1996, he didn’t seem perturbed. “I live in the United States,” he ruminated as he drove. “And if you live there, you have to show in New York country. I suppose it was time.”


Carol Kino
New York Times