Celestial sorcery … Sara Ramo’s Invasion of Everything That Was Restrained (2005). Photograph: Sara Ramo/Galeria Fortes Vilaça, São Paulo

The artist Sara Ramo is also something of a magician. In Movable Planes, a tantalising show of the young Spanish-Brazilian’s photography and video at London’s Photographers’ Gallery, a screwed-up piece of newspaper becomes a meteor, a leftover balloon a black hole. Her technique is simple: she photographs her objects in series, and transforms them simply by relabelling them. Thus, an image of spilt milk in the corner of the room becomes the Milky Way. In a stop-motion animation, her bedroom mutates from a scene of domestic harmony to one of total disarray, destroyed by the hand of an unseen sorcerer’s apprentice. Ramo’s cosmic gestures are enchantingly humble: she uses whatever is at her fingertips to achieve a delightful tension between the known world and the less predictable one of our imagination.


Skye Sherwin