“The Stowaway Peers Out at the Speed of Light,’’ one of the large paintings by James Rosenquist. (James Rosenquist/Licensed By Vaga)

Three artists whose work was to be featured in a September show at the Rose Art Museum are pulling out until Brandeis University makes a legally binding promise to preserve the campus museum’s valuable permanent collection.

Bill Viola, a renowned video artist, and painters April Gornik and Eric Fischl have postponed the show “Atmospheric Conditions’’ until Brandeis administrators sign an agreement not to sell art from the collection, according to Gornik.

It’s the latest public setback for the Rose, which has been trying to recover since Brandeis announced plans last year to close the museum and sell artworks to help solve a universitywide money crunch. After a backlash from artists, national museum leaders, and donors, Brandeis pledged to hold off on any sales, and the university said last May that it would work with Sotheby’s auction house to try to raise money by loaning out artworks.


Geoff Edgers
Boston Globe