Foster’s Gherkin tower

Sir Norman Foster, the British starchitect behind London’s iconic Gherkin tower and the master plan of Abu Dhabi’s mega-green Masdar City, reportedly has been selected to design Apple’s new campus in Cupertino.

That’s according to El Economista. Citing anonymous sources, the Mexican newspaper reports that Apple and Foster + Partners “have spent months working closely in the design of future U.S. giant city.” Details are murky, but El Economista paints a picture of a sprawling eco-utopia, with renewable-energy resources, green materials, and a tunnel-bound transportation network. They’re calling it “City of Apple.”

The story comes less than a month after news broke that Apple purchased a 98-acre property about a mile from its existing main offices at 1 Infinite Loop. The site is directly across the street from 50 acres the company bought a few years ago and announced as the location of a second campus.


Suzanne Labarre
Fast Company