(Photo from Edward Lifson’s “Hello Beautiful!” blog)

As my fellow archi-blogger Edward Lifson reported Monday, the tent fabric is finally going into place over the aluminum skeleton of Zaha Hadid’s much-delayed Burnham Plan Centennial pavilion in Millennium Park (below). But I’m hearing that the pavilion, which was supposed to be done five weeks ago, is likely to open a few days after its Aug. 1 target.

Emily Harris, the executive director of the Burnham Plan Centennial Committee, writes in an email: “While it still looks like the construction will wrap up on August 1, that is a Saturday, and we are concerned about weekend crowds as well as the cost of taking down the tent on the weekend. So I’m thinking early the next week – 4th or 5th to be safe.”

That’s not a final decision, she adds.


Blair Kaman